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UK Cyclist: Long-distance and leisure cycling in the South-west and elsewhere

2012: I have ridden just nine 200s this year and certainly won’t be riding any more Audax in the foreseeable future, if ever. My audax years may be going out with a whimper not a bang, but in 22 years I have amassed 1805 points, 47 SR series, 11 years of Randonneur Round the Year, six PBPs, four LELs and 18 consecutive years in the AUK Hall of Fame. Can anyone beat this? If not now, then I’m sure someone will one day. Go for it! Much more important than any of these statistics, I have thoroughly enjoyed my years of cycling, making many good friends along the way, and then of course intertwined with all this is an absolutely unquantifiable amount of romance….

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