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UK Cyclist: Long-distance and leisure cycling in the South-west and elsewhere

Words: Mark Hummerstone

Although I am told that this is one of the hardest 600s in the diary, I found it a very enjoyable ride. Route directions were good on the whole and it went through some beautiful countryside. Two of the controls were at people’s houses which was most welcome.

Report of the 2013 event

Fifty riders completed the 2013 event along the new route. The ladies at North Curry enjoyed the challenge of coping with the crowds (augmented at intervals by their regulars). The weather was kind; there were no reports of ice even on the early hills. There was, however, mud. A few people relying just on gps followed the track (literal and virtual) that ran parallel to the High Ham road. The organiser's reward was in the form of tracks of muddy footprints across the kitchen floor at the finish. Well done to all who finished, and thanks for riding.

Link to Jamie's blog

Last ride of the season to get the full set for a South West Super Randonneur series.

I left the house just after 6am into a dark world of fog. The start point for the perm was about 5 miles from my house, so in theory time to warm up. Or get damp from fog moisture…

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Long-distance cycling under AUK rules is often (though inaccurately) referred to as audaxing. Mudguards are not required for any of these events. Use whatever bike suits you. If you don't want to follow a routesheet then download the GPS file. You will need to be fit and self-sufficient. Most of these events, especially the longer ones, are hard. You should be an experienced cyclist with both fitness and stamina. There is a minimum speed of 15kph for all the events of 200km and above. Don't worry about the maximum speed of 30kph, you won't get near it. Prepare your bike and yourself carefully for any of these events. If you do all the distances, you become an Exeter Wheelers Super Randonneur.

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